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  • DMCNY Elects Paulette Oliva of Merit Direct 2016 - 17 President




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    Direct Marketing Club of New York Announces New President for 2016-17:
    Paulette Oliva, EVP | Manager, of MeritDirect LLC

    Pledges Club Commitment to Help Marketing Practitioners to ‘Create’ Their Own Futures


    NEW YORK, February 9, 2016 – The Direct Marketing Club of New York ( announced today that is has elected Paulette Oliva, executive vice president | manager, MeritDirect LLC, as its 2016-2017 president. Oliva was selected by a board vote at its January 14, 2016, meeting and is scheduled to serve a regular two-year term. 

    Furthermore, the Club announces its slate of Board officers for the current term:

    ·         First Vice President -Tim Kennon, McVicker & Higginbotham

    ·         Second Vice President - John Fletcher, Johnny Agency

    ·         Secretary - Ray Schneeberger, Fosina Marketing

    ·         Treasurer - Arthur Blumenfield, BMI Fulfillment Services

    ·         Immediate Past President - Pamela Haas, Experian Marketing Services

    ·         Executive Director - Stu Boysen

    “The best way to predict our future is to create it,” Oliva said.  “The Direct Marketing Club of New York can help create its members’ future. We bring together the best minds in direct marketing, in the heart of New York City, the epicenter of all things ‘marketing.’”

    “Though the disciplines of marketing may be different, the foundation is ‘direct’ – and we want to create a sense of community throughout the membership to foster networking, knowledge and opportunity for all who belong regardless of their channel specialty,” she said. “We strive to be the bridge organization to many of these marketing disciplines – where members can find sound advice, information, and insight relating to their careers.”

    DMCNY now includes several hundred marketing professionals as members – and the 2016 event calendar kicked off with its annual Media Outlook luncheon (presentation downloadable here), where it was reported U.S. direct and digital advertising spending will grow 6.4 percent this year to $163.7 billion – compared to 1.0-percent growth in traditional measured media spending of $127.7 billion.  Other events on the 2016 DMCNY calendar include networking functions – among them a Young Leadership Group, an annual Silver Apples Gala now in its 32nd year, Data Innovator of the Year Dinner, and workshops and luncheon presentations on integrated marketing topics, incorporating data, analytics, and attribution spanning all media channels.

    A founding and managing member at MeritDirect, Oliva specializes in business-to-business customer acquisition/retention and consults on topics that include database strategies, customer profile analysis, multichannel marketing, and response analysis while providing expertise in “best practice” marketing.

    “The role of president in such a prestigious organization as the Direct Marketing Club of New York affords an opportunity to give back to an industry that has provided so much to so many,” Oliva said.

    About Direct Marketing Club of New York
    The Direct Marketing Club of New York ( has served the direct marketing field since its founding in 1926 – and today encompasses all facets of integrated data-driven marketing across all media categories. Serving the Greater New York region through its luncheons, networking and website, DMCNY is a leading source of current education and information in the field of measurable marketing.  DMCNY also provides substantial financial support in the form of scholarships to New York City colleges and universities where direct and interactive marketing are taught.  DMCNY on Twitter:  @dmcny | LinkedIn: | Facebook:



  • Meet the new DMCNY Leadership Team

    DMCNY has quite a team supporting you.  Our board is a working board and every board member contributes to the ongoing planning of the organization, programming, membership activities and more.

    Get a look at the 2016 DMCNY Leadership Team.

  • A Great Time with Good People, Bring a Client or Colleague!
    "Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one."

    - Jane Howard

    Here's a chance to come out, network with fellow members of the direct marketing community, and make new connections!

    Join DMCNY friends and colleagues on April 8. The evening kicks off at 6:00 p.m. at Hurley's. See you there!

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    Wednesday, April 6, 2016 - 6:00pm

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  • Videos from September 10 DMCNY Luncheon on Subscription Marketing

    Subscription marketing is big.  Think Birchbox, Amora Coffee, The Hair Club for Men or Sesame Street. As you can see subscription marketing programs touch all interests. A big shout out to Ken Kraetzer who conducted video interviews with some of the panelists from the September luncheon panel.

    Pattie Mercier from Vantiv talked about upcoming changes to credit cards with smart chips and more.


    Robert Manger from Sandvik addressed the importance of the mobile screen to gain subscriptions.


    Jim Fosina shared insights into subscription marketing and how the business has dramatically changed over the past few years.



  • Is there a solution for ATTRIBUTION?

    In a multi-channel environment marketing attribution can be a thorny task. Which of the multiple touches to a current or prospective client should get credit for the sale. Should it be the first touch, the last touch or should you use a marketing allocation approach that gives some credit to each channel and touch? 

    The Direct Marketing Club of New York welcomes this trio of data driven marketers for a lively panel discussion on attribution.  From keywords to catalogs, PURLS to Paid Media, discover how these experts link marketing activity across all channels to create a true picture of the buyer's journey. 

    Attend our March 10th networking and luncheon event at the Yale Club, in New York City to hear how these subject matter experts are tackling the critical issue of attribution!  Don't miss it!  Register now!

    Our expert panel will provide you with guidance to how to approach this. Panelists: James Farrar, Conversant , John Young, Epsilon, and Doug Kaczmarek, Wiland.  Moderated by Andy Joyce of MeritDirect.


    Save money - register by 5PM the day before each event.

    More details to come. 

    Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 11:45am
    Networking & Cocktails - 11:45 to 12:20
    Lunch & Presentation - 12:20 to 2:00

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  • Why Non-Profits Should Use Co-op Databases


    December, 2015

    Cooperative databases for the nonprofit sector are not new, but they remain an underutilized tool for many marketers.

    A cooperative database is one in which donor transactional data from participating organizations is merged for the mutual marketing benefit of its members. This detailed transactional history provides a multi-dimensional view of donors, their behavior and value.

    Robust models are then developed from this data for acquisition, reactivation, optimization, and donor upgrading purposes.

    Despite the benefits, some nonprofits hesitate to participate in co-op databases. The decision not to participate is influenced by industry myths – concerns about saturating their donor bases, risking unique donor data, or simply that an organization is too small to benefit.

    Let’s cut through the noise with five key reasons why every nonprofit organization can benefit from the co-op environment.

    Reason 1: Cost Effectiveness

    Participating in the cooperative environment is a game-changing opportunity for budget optimization. Nonprofits are increasingly under pressure from and ever-shrinking prospect universe. At the same time, costs are rising – from printing, to mailing, to media buying.

    Transactional data from co-ops fuels powerful predictive modeling. This modeling helps identify new, high-value prospects as well as donors that are more likely to donate again, and at higher levels. A significant chunk of a nonprofit’s budget is wasted on promoting to “prospects” that are extremely unlikely to respond, or whose gift size doesn’t justify its cost if they do respond. Using co-op data to select – or deselect – names reduces wasted spend, allowing you to avoid mailing low-quality prospects who in fact are not prospects at all.

    The cooperative database also helps you get the most from your current donor base. Transactional data helps lapsed donors who are still active elsewhere, and thus most likely to reactivate within your program. This unique donor insight is also the nonprofit marketer’s map to upgrading existing donors.

    Reason 2: Deep Insight Without Over-Mailing

    One of the main concerns is the fear of oversaturating the market and ultimately dampening response rates. But participation in a co-op doesn’t mean your donors will suddenly be inundated with mail from other nonprofits.

    Every co-op is different. Each uses unique modeling techniques; each possesses unique data elements; and each employs a strategic approach to satisfying client objectives. As a result, each co-op tends to qualify unique universes with less overlap than that experienced with traditional vertical list exchange or purchase. The goal is to create highly targeted segments, rather than simply fill mailboxes. With traditional list selection, this level of discrimination isn’t possible. 

    Reason 3: Low Risk

    Since every participating organization must contribute, shared responsibility reduces risk for everyone involved. Generally, co-ops do not retain unique donor information. Instead, most co-ops incorporate only multi-occurring or duplicate donor data, as it tends to be far more predictive. So you don’t need to worry that your truly unique donors will be promoted by other nonprofits. 

    Reason 4: Bridge the Offline-Online Gap

    Many modern nonprofits are increasing their digital presence, but this remains a complicated challenge. Digital is the hot trend, but digital strategy must be applied intelligently. Through its wealth of transactional insight, the co-op environment allows nonprofits to identify the audiences most appropriate for digital campaigns.

    Reason 5: Organizations of Every Size Can Benefit

    The nonprofit co-op environment is useful for nonprofits both large and small, especially regional and chapter-based nonprofits, which typically struggle with limited universe. Co-ops can deliver a high number of potential high-value donors in a small area. The co-op helps identify seemingly unrelated organizations with overlapping segments to maximize donor targeting. As a co-op grows, and more organizations join, its resourcefulness and efficiency only increases it.


    Matt Frattura
    Matt Frattura's picture

    Matt Frattura manages Apogee, Inforgroup’s non-profit cooperative database. Reach him at


  • Leap Year Networking at Hurley's

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    Come to Hurley's Saloon, and let DMCNY buy your first drink! Warm up the winter, welcome old friends and make new, and have a drink on us! Network #likeaboss with the DMCNY Leap Year networking event!

    Join DMCNY and our member host for the evening - Vincent Petrafiesa! Be a part of the fun - We'll see you at Hurley's!

    Hurley's - a New York City Historic Landmark, has a rustic appeal and is a great place to gather with fellow DMCNY members, business partners, and marketers.  See you there for a great night of Leap Year fun - it only happens once every four years! Leap into the New Year and have some fun

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  • 31st Annual Silver Apple Awards Gala

    Our 31st Annual gala where we recognize the best among our own who have contributed to direct marketing and the community for 25 years or more.

    Start making your plans to attend the 2015 Silver Apple Awards Gala - New York's most prestigious event for Direct and Interactive marketers.

    We will hold the presentation and dinner at New York's glorious Edison Ballroom. It won't be the same if you're not there!

    See a short video to get excited about the event.

    Support scholarships for direct and interactive marketing education - and enjoy a gala evening with colleagues, clients and friends. But hurry, tables and tickets go fast! All tables and tickets include open service cocktail reception, dinner, wine service and dessert.

    Learn more: 2015 Honorees Bios| Past List of Honorees | Advertising Reservation Form  | Press Release

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    Individual Tickets

    DMCNY Members - $250

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    Table Sponsorships

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    Leadership Sponsor - 2 tables of 10 - $8,500, includes a full page in the Commemorative Program, a $2,000 scholarship to a local college teaching direct marketing, podium recognition and Reception signage

    Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

    High profile opportunities for your company to support the honorees and direct marketing educational programs.

    Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 6:00pm
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  • A Great Time with Good People, Bring a Client or Colleague!

    "Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one."

    - Jane Howard

    Here's a chance to come out, network with fellow members of the direct marketing community, and make new connections!

    Join DMCNY friends and colleagues on April 8. The evening kicks off at 6:00 p.m. at Hurley's. See you there!

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  • Bruce Biegel's 2015 Annual Outlook

    Once again we kicked off the New Year at DMCNY with the razor-sharp predictions of Bruce A. Biegel, Senior Managing Director of the Winterberry Group and Petsky Prunier advisor. Biegel made sense of the major forces shaping our industry in 2014 and forecasted their effects in 2015 and beyond.

    If you joined us for the January 9 luncheon, this is a must-download presentation.  For those who weren't able to make the luncheon, get a glimpse of what you missed.

    To download the presentation, the file is attached below.

    Additional coverage "In the News" 

    Target Marketing Magazine (January 12, 2015)
    "Ad Spending Will ‘Be the Highest Ever’ in 2015, Says Biegel

    Direct Marketing News (January 9, 2015) 
    "Where Will Marketing Grow in 2015"



    File attachment: 

    Biegel-2015 Annual Outlook-DMCNY.pdf2.48 MB